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I have been a stay at home mom since my middle child, Zoey O, was born. She’s now five and will be starting Kindergarten next year. My oldest will be in second grade and my youngest will be in preschool. I have thought long and hard about entering the work force again. I hate to admit, but it scares me.

Last year my family hit a rough spot and needed more money than what was coming in. I tried getting a part-time job. I spent several weeks and applied at least 20-30 different places. The places ranged from gas stations, fast food, and retail stores. No luck. I can’t describe how frustrating that was too me. I had a college degree. I kept asking myself: Why doesn’t any one want me. Than it dawn on me…I haven’t worked in five years. It didn’t matter to them that I had an education I liked a worked history.  It didn’t matter that before I came a mom I was a para or a manager at a gas station. It didn’t matter that I was a mom and in my opinion that’s a hard job. It just mattered I didn’t work for five years. I felt hopeless and honestly worthless. I couldn’t get a job. I couldn’t help support my family.

I needed a little extra push. I needed some help. That’s what I loved about Mom Corps YOU. Mom Corps YOU, an online community to help professionals better integrate their professional and personal lives. Mom Corps believes that work-life satisfaction is best achieved when you can take ownership of several key areas of your life, including career, finances and health & wellness, and this subscription-based community provides education, resources and tools to help you do just that.



    We want to scream from the rooftops that you are looking for a job.  Our Mom Corps YOU members have the option of being highlighted on our Mom Corps Blog and we will promote the blog post to thousands of potential employers from our Facebook and Twitter accounts.   You can also connect directly with our recruiters about our open positions on www.momcorps.com or other career questions. 


    Hear career advice from your Mom Corps team and tips on health, finances, and entrepreneurship from amazing experts you know like Jean Chatzky from the Today Show and Tori Johnson from GMA.  The best part about our webinars is they are all recorded.  As a member, you can take them live or any time of the day 30 days after they are presented.  Some of our members told us that they like to listen to them on their iphone in carpool line! We get it, life is busy!  Enjoy them at your convenience.  Check out our line-up


    Have you ever submitted a resume for a job and wondered if anyone actually got it?  Are you wondering how to even start your job search? Have you looked for a career counselor and realized they cost $100s/hour? This is the best kept secret on the web!  Included in your membership is the ability to chat live with our recruiters.  They are the ones who work with our clients and our candidates.  They’ve also been known to give out the inside info on our job listings, so they just might help give you the edge you need over another candidate!


    Our community of 160,000+ professionals can finally connect with one another!  Share your stories, ask each other questions and of course connect with your Mom Corps team and our national experts. 


    We know that figuring out this work/life “thing” is important, but we always put it on the back burner.  Don’t worry, we’ll shoot you an email each week with some basic tips from our partners like Jean Chatzky, Mudderella and Dr. Taz the healthy living expert.  We’ll also remind you about our upcoming webinars to give you that little push you need to make yourself a priority!


    Grab that cup of coffee, relax and dig in.   You can get lost in the 100s of tools and resources we have on Mom Corps YOU.  We’ve compiled the best ebooks, checklists, articles, slideshares… from experts and created a bunch of content ourselves so you can have the best of the best as you embark on this work/life journey.  Be careful though, you might get a little too motivated!  Learn more about our resources and tools 

Another year has passed and I will be entering the workforce again. This go around will be a lot better. Not only is it not because I have to but want to I will also be more prepared. Because of MomCorpsYou I can gain the confidence, knowledge, and will power to become a full-time worker and mommy!! Mom Corps You is available via an online subscription for an introductory annual price of $99.99 (regularly $149.99) or $19.99 a month.

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