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MoGo Sports: Mouth Guards For Everyone!

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My husband has been playing football since he was 12. He even played in college. He is a Physical Education teacher and coaches Basketball, Baseball, Track, and most importantly football. The number one complaint I have heard from him and his players is how uncomfortable it is to wear mouth guards. They all have the same reasons; they taste bad and feel uncomfortable. I was excited to show him a site I found that I thought him and his players would love:  MoGo Sports. 

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MoGo Sports specializes in flavored mouth guards. My husband took one look at the site and the first thing out of his mouth was those look really comfortable. There are four very important factors that MoGo Sports took in consideration when making their mouth guards: protection, performance, fit, and FLAVOR!

  • Protection : It creates spacing between the jaw bone and skull for protection. It protects the teeth. It absorbs impact from blows of the jaws.
  • Fit :  It has an essential custom fit for the maximum protection. It has a chamfered inner walls to aid in secure fit after biting. They have a geometric design for flexibility and comfort. They come in both youth and adult. 
  • Flavor : All flavors are natural flavors and are FDA compliant materials, BPA free and no latex. The color matches the flavor. The five flavors are : lemon (yellow), fruit punch (red), mint (green), orange (orange), and bubble gum (pink). 
  • Performance : First off more flavor is located near saliva glands. They have flavor embedded into the EVA plastic so it lasts for a long time. There is a quick release tether included. There are airway channels that enhance breathability and performance. 


Not only did they consider the taste as an important factor, but they also took in consideration people who wear braces. I never really thought about it but if mouth guards are really uncomfortable for people who don’t wear braces can you only imagine how uncomfortable they are for people who do?! The ones for braces are a little different from the normal ones, but still just as cool. 


  • They have a bite plate that vents to keep saliva from collecting in the mouth guard. 
  • They come in three flavors: bubble gum(pink), orange (orange), and fruit punch (red). Remember the color of mouth guard is connected to the flavor!
  • They have a high durometer composite layer for added protection.  
  • It has a low profile for better comfort, breathing, and easier to speak.
  • They designed an inner wall channel to receive the braces. 

I never put any thought into sports until I met my husband. He has a true passion for sports and that has overflowed into our kids. My son loves playing football, so I know buying mouth guards isn’t too far off for us. When I do MoGo Sports will be where I will go. Not only do they look cool and taste great, but they will protect my little man and make it where it won’t be so much of a fight for him to wear them!! 

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  1. We don’t have a need for these yet but I’ll keep them in mind when my kids get older. I know they would love the colors and I’d be happy with the added protection.

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