Meet Emma

 Hello! I will be adding to Woman of Many Roles with notes on fitness, health, and education. My areas of passion.  Allow me to introduce myself and my family. My Name is Emma, I am married to a wonderful man, Ray. Together we have three mostly awesome girls, Ivy (14), Dawn (13), and Rae (10).  The girls love all things girly and most things tomboy. From dance, to shooting with their dad they keep us busy.

     I teach History and love it!  Ray is all things cop, from working on the road, to office type jobs he is law enforcement 100%.  Together, we love working out, riding motorcycles, and finding documentaries to watch together. Perhaps an odd combination of hobbies.  

      We also have three dogs!  They are small yapper type dogs, but we love them.  Our small house is full! With everyone coming and going at all times of the day for one activity or another I have really started to hold on to my workout time as a time for myself.  I need it! It was that love, and the love of teaching that got me writing about my journey.

I am not some fitness blogger (at least not yet).  My workouts are sloppy, short, and somedays just a mess.  I am not some fit-20-something who is here to wright about the right way to do things.  That just isn’t me. I hate to cook, my diet is horrific many days, and I workout out like a busy mom with a job would. But it is so important to me. Small steps in the right direction.  

I am happy to get to work with Woman of May Roles and share what I have learned. Adding health and fitness to an already busy life is not an easy task!  But I know it can be done. Also, I get to talk some about education, and as a teacher that is really cool.