Meet Boxer, the Interactive Robot AI Toy from Spin Masters
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Meet Boxer, the Interactive Robot AI Toy from Spin Masters

My kids have always wanted a robot of their own! They would love to have an interactive buddy to play with, and this Christmas they are getting just that! Meet Boxer, the Interactive Robot AI Toy from Spin Masters. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Boxer is a small bot, but he packs a lot of fun in such a small package! He works with the app, which you can add to your device or an included remote. With the remote you can send him racing around and doing tricks, or you can discover new games in the app.

This is a really fun little gadget for kids ages 6 and up. I love that he is ready to go upon opening the box, there was no assembly required and he is so easy to play with. Boxer includes 10 cards. You place one in front of Boxer and he will scan it. Then the fun begins! You can play games with Boxer and his included ball like a fast paced soccer game or even bot bowling. As you play with Boxer, his personality starts to show. He has a full range of emotions from happy to grumpy, which makes him so much fun and so realistic!

For under $80 this is one fun little bot for kids of all ages. He has a rechargeable battery to keep the fun going and can even respond to your hand movements for a truly interactive experience. There are so many fun ways to engage with Boxer that this is going to be one of those gifts that gets a lot of attention from your kids long after the holidays have passed.

You can find Boxer the Interactive AI Robot at Best Buy. We have been really pleased with the durability and range of options that Boxer includes and would highly recommend it to other shoppers this holiday season.

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