Mealthy Multipot Makes Dinner Time Easy!
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Mealthy Multipot Makes Dinner Time Easy!

Insta- Pots and Pressure Cookers are all my mom friends can talk about these days! I had been feeling a little out of the loop and a little envious about their tales of dinner on the table in moments with a few presses of a button. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!
I finally got to try out multipot cooker and I have been so impressed! The Mealthy Multipot is like having nine kitchen appliances in one. It can cook food super fast with delicious results and can even prepare 2 dishes at once! Talk about changing the dinner time game!
We no longer find ourselves opting for fast food on busy nights because I know I can come home and cook something restaurant quality in  just a few moments time with my Mealthy Multi Cooker!
Retailing at under $100, this is a generously sized multi pot and it is easy to use, even for someone who isn’t a pro in the kitchen like me! I love how fast and easy making some of our favorite meals has been in this multi pot cooker. We are eating healthier and at home more than ever! The multi pot has 14 settings to make preparing your favorite dish a breeze!
If you have been wanting to try something like a pressure cooker, I would highly recommend the Mealthy Multi Pot. It has so many great features, is easy to operate and has a lot of bonuses included! The pot is a 6 qt size and it comes with a steamer basket, silicon mitts, with instant access to recipe app included! I love that I can even get inspiration for dinner when I need it at my fingertips!

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