May the Faith Be With You: Bedtime Prayers
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May the Faith Be With You: Bedtime Prayers

Have you been looking for a neat way to help you child be more engaged in their bedtime prayers? Are your kids constantly worried about what to say or just don’t say anything at all. Then I would highly recommend trying May the Faith Be With You: Bed Time Prayers. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

May the Faith Be With You: Bedtime Prayers is filled with colorful, space-themed art and fifteen simple prayers for children to read with their parents at bedtime or anytime. This padded cover board book even glows in the dark!

This book is filled with colorful, spaced themed art and has 15 simple prayers for children to read at bedtime. These are so fun and simple and kids love being able to say prayers on their own with this book. The other awesome thing about this book is that it Glows in the Dark, how amazing and unique is that. I love that about this book, I mean you can turn the lights off and just have a nightlight and your child will still be able to read their bedtime prayers. This book has been a tremendous help for younger kids and I have even given it as a gift to several friends who have little ones. I would recommend this book to anyone with little kids it really is a great book to have around. It’s great for anytime of the day not just night-time and kids really do love reading it.

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