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March of Dimes: What are you born to do?

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March of Dimes

These are my babies. Each of them has a different personality.  Bryson is so smart and is all about figuring out why and how things work. Zoey is all about caring and make sure everyone is okay. I always say she’s my innocent one. Now Carly Jo my youngest is the one that I say is full of personality! She will not back down from anything and she is determined to figure out how to do something all by herself. She’s my independent child. I am not sure what these precious babies will grow up to be and do, but I don’t doubt for one minute that each of them were born to do something great. I also know, without a doubt, that they are healthy because of the scientific developments made thanks to the March of Dimes.

Woman of Many Roles wasn’t around when my oldest was born so let me go back eight years. I was a new soon to be mom twelve hours away as scared and excited I can be to start this adventure. Bryson likes to do things on his own time and this was true to when he was in my belly. He was over a week late so they decided to induced me. In matter of minutes of me receive the medicine things went down hill. His heart beat kept dropping and the next thing I know I am being told to get on my knees and they taking me to have an emergency c section. I don’t think I have ever been as scared as I was then. Not knowing what was going to happen and not sure what I was going to wake up to. All these thoughts were going through my head as my eyes were slowly closing because of the medicine. The next thing I knew I was being told Bryson had to be life flighted to another hospital. He was gone before I even had a chance to hold him. All I could do was touch him and pray that the nurses and doctors at the NICU would take good care of him. Flash forward eight years…We are here, though! Alive and healthy and well! And in addition to be grateful to the staff at our hospital, I am exceedingly grateful to the March of Dimes for its behind-the-scenes, miracle-making work.


The March of Dimes has been helping families for more than 75 years. Originally founded to fight polio, its focus today is preventing birth defects and infant mortality and helping moms have healthy, full-term pregnancies. Even though Polio is no longer a problem March of Dimes has still had much work to do. Prenatal vitamins, the APGAR test for newborns, and treatment for premature babies are all results of the March of Dimes’ dedication to moms and babies.

Did you know that one baby is born prematurely every minute in the United States. That’s a lot of preemies needing a lot of care! It’s because of the great work that March of Dimes does that I am so excited to be one of 39 mom bloggers (representing 39 weeks of a healthy pregnancy) chosen to share with you about the March of Dimes’ #imbornto campaign.

#imbornto connects millions of consumers to the March of Dimes and imbornto partners by shopping, dining or donating around the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day holidays. The campaign will benefit the March of Dimes’ mission by driving consumer purchases of partner products fit for mom and dad. The March of Dimes believes that every baby is born to do something special and unique with the guidance and help of their parents. #imbornto is a celebration of their parents, the moms and dads who keep them healthy and safe, before and after birth. The March of Dimes and its partners celebrate mothers and fathers on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day – and every day, all year-long.

You can support the March of Dimes simply by shopping with the #imbornto partners–Martha Stewart Living, Bon Ton, Mudpie, A&E Jewelers, eBay Giving Works, Blue Rhino, Kmart, ALEX AND ANI, and more. They each have great deals and offers especially for moms and dads, and you can find out more at www.imbornto.com.

I believe my children were born to do something great. I believe I was, too. What were YOU born to do?

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