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Maleficent DVD

Maleficent DVD

We love Angelina Jolie! She is an amazing actress with great range! We also love Disney films so Maleficent was a movie we couldn’t wait to see! We made it a family movie night with popcorn and we all settled in for a fantastic movie!

My girls know the story of Sleeping beauty well, so this really creative spin on that story with a focus more on the evil villain was a fun way to look at the story we know and another side of it as well.
We really enjoyed this film, it was full of fun, magic and edge of your seat moments for the kids. We found Maleficent to be so enchanting that we have watched it multiple times since its November 4th release.
Maleficent would make a great last minute gift idea for anyone on your shopping list that loves a great movie!

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