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Making The Transformation into a Toddler Bed

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Do you want to know a sure sign that your little one is ready for a toddler bed? She climbs out of her crib every time you stick her in it. That was Carly Jo. Nothing I did kept her in her crib. So we decided for her safety it was time for us to make the transformation into a toddler bed. Rakuten.com Shopping had just the bed for her!

toddler bed

About Dora Toddler Bed:

  • Built low for easy child access
  • Character decals on headboard and footboard
  • Fits standard crib mattress
  • Guard rails on each side provide safe sleeping experience
  • JMPA Certified
  • Plastic and metal frame

toddler bed
My Thoughts: 

I got to admit I was pretty nervous about moving Carly Jo into a toddler bed. I was afraid she would fall out, but than again it’s safer then her climbing out of the crib. When I found the Dora Toddler Bed I knew it was what I need to ease my worries, but also what she needed to feel like a big girl. It had two guard rails that protected her from falling off the bed.  It was very low to the floor, so if she did fall out of the bed it wouldn’t hurt her. Having it low to the floor also made it super easy for her to climb in and out all by herself. The decals were really easy to put on and they were even. Which I was worried about doing it myself. It took me all of 15 minutes to put the bed together. It required the very basic tools and had super easy instructions to read. It guided you step by step. Although safety is pretty important it helps that this bed is very pretty! It was in Carly Jo’s favorite cartoon character. For over a year now, she has said “Backpack Backpack, Ya!” So it was not surprising that she just feel in love the bed. It only took us 3 short  nights for her to get the hang of sleeping in her Dora bed. I think it helps that it was easy for her to use and decorated in something she loved.

toddler bed

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37 thoughts on “Making The Transformation into a Toddler Bed

  1. I would probably get a watch. Maybe the Casio Men’s Core MTP1175E-7B Brown Leather Quartz Watch with White Dial for my Husband.

  2. I’d get something for the house. We redid the kitchen and now the rest of the house looks funny esp the living room because they are basically connected.

  3. That Dora toddler bed is so cute! It’s always a big step to move our babies into a toddler bed, but who could resist a cute one like that? LOL!

  4. I would buy clothes. Probably a cute dress of some sort, but I’m not exactly sure ~which~ dress in particular! 🙂

  5. Same as you probably! My daughter loves Dora and we’re trying to transition her as well so this would be perfect for her.

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