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How to make Mother’s Day easier with Safety 1st?

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! (In 5 days, but who’s counting!) When it comes to Mother’s Day it’s all about honoring your mother. Safety 1st honors moms all over by trying to make their life easier. Easier life means happier moms.  Safety 1st has many products from birth to toddler that make mom’s life a bit easier. Here are a few of my favorite.

  • The Safety 1st Custom Care Modular Bathing Solution is the only infant to toddler bathing solution on the market! The ergonomic design adapts to your growing baby and eliminates the need for multiple tubs. Three easy to change positions promote physical closeness to your baby and proper support. Positions fit the newborn, infant recline and toddler stages.

make mother's day easier

  • With the Safety 1st Genesis Digital Color Video Monitor your little one is never out of sight, providing a clear picture of baby. Using the remote-controlled camera, parents are able to pan, tilt and zoom to get the best view of their child. It is also equipped with a special Talk Back function allowing parents to soothe baby.

make mother's day easier

  • The Safety 1st Advance SE 65 Air +  convertible car seat ensures your child is safe from 5-65 pounds. Better yet, it meets the new requirements for the new 65 Pound LATCH rule.

make mother's day easier

Now if you are still stumped on what to get that special lady for Mother’s Day here are some things that Safety 1st team suggest.

  • Let the kids make mom breakfast in bed. It may get a little messy in the kitchen, but all are sure to love the experience!

  • Surprise her by folding all of the laundry.

  • Give a mom a day off and send her to the nail salon.

I have to say I love these ideas! It’s all about the little things in life and making life easier for mom. That can mean less chores, getting pampered for a self-esteem boost, and being waited on for once instead of her waiting on others. Give her (us) a break. That’s all we ask for. We don’t need diamonds (all though they are nice.) We just want to see that you appreciate all the hard work we do.


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