Main Types of Italian Cheese
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Main Types of Italian Cheese

We think it is safe to say that cheese makes everything taste better. There are many fantastic kinds of cheese available, but there is something about good Italian cheese. When you think of Italian cheese, you immediately think of mozzarella and parmigiana. We agree these are superb cheeses choices, but there are so many wonderful cheeses you should try. Visit and try some of these great Italian cheeses.


You will often find this cheese with a stamp that states it is a product of the mountains. This means it was produced above 1,968 feet. It is made of milk from cows and found in the regions of Trentino and Veneto. This cheese can be fresh or aged. The fresh version is smoother and sweeter. The aged version is a little bolder. If you want an even bolder taste, you should make sure it is aged for at least 2 years.


This is a cheese that is made from the milk of cows. It has a texture that is semi-soft. It has a nutty flavor that is pretty strong.

Mozzarella di Bufala

Mozzarella is the soft and stringy cheese that you expect to see on your pizza. Buffalo mozzarella (Mozzarella di Bufala) is one of the most popular versions of mozzarella cheese. This is made from the milk of water buffalos. The reason why mozzarella is so soft is because of the spinning and cutting that happens when the mozzarella is being produced. There is a version of mozzarella that is known to be smoky.

Italian Cheese


This cheese is similar to Parmigiano and is often a substitute for it. This cheese is from the milk of sheep. It can mature fast and has an intense flavor. It often tastes salty. You can find a pecorino with peppercorns which gives the cheese a zesty flavor.

Parmigiana Reggiano

This is often shortened to the word Parmesan in English. This cheese gets better as it ages. This is from the milk of cows and is an intensely flavorful cheese. This is a hard cheese that is often grated over food, or sliced and eaten on its own. The best cheese gets a DOP seal after it has been inspected at 12 months.


This is a semi-hard cheese that is full fast. It is produced across the northern portion of Italy and Campania. It is usually the largest cheese that you will find at the market. It is often molded into shapes or cords. Provolone dolce has a milder taste to it because it is younger and not aged as long. Provolone piccante has a bolder and broader flavor.

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