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“Luck” and What It Signifies

“Luck” is a new fantasy comedy film that is already becoming a big hit. Starring Whoopie Goldberg, Jane Fonda, and Eva Noblezada, “Luck” contains entertaining characters and a riveting plot. The film goes beyond clever twists and funny anecdotes: It contains life lessons that kids and even adults can benefit from.

Sam Greenfield

Sam Greenfield is an 18-year-old woman who is trying to find her place in the world as she deals with unlucky events every day. Some of Sam’s problems are small, such as her toaster not working. Other problems are more deep-rooted and serious, such as her experience bouncing from one orphanage to the next throughout her life. Sam seems to never be able to catch a break, and even fellow orphans point out how unlucky she seems to be. But despite all of this, Sam maintains a positive and cheery attitude.

The Lucky Coin

When Sam finds a coin that seems to bring on good luck, she believes that her life might improve. On top of this, because Sam is a caring person, she hopes to bring the coin to one of her past foster homes to help her friend get adopted. But just as things seem to be on the upswing, Sam accidentally flushes the lucky coin down the toilet. This is when the adventure begins.


Magical Lands

Sam and her new talking feline friend, Bob, go to lengths to retrieve the lucky coin. Sam enters a portal into a magical world called the Land of Luck where leprechauns create “good luck stones” to disperse in the regular world. Sam also learns about the “Land of Bad Luck” where all of life’s misfortunes are created. And when a drone is set out in search of the lost coin, the drone ends up in the “In-Between,” a sort of gray area in the middle of the good and bad worlds.

Good and Bad

When young people watch “Luck,” they can get an idea of how chance occurrences may happen in their lives. Many kids feel as if they’re cursed when too many bad things happen in a row, and they feel even worse when they compare themselves to others who appear to have it better. “Luck” highlights the fact that the good and the bad are inseparable. Nothing can be perfect and when things seem to be completely dreadful, there’s often a nugget of hope within.

The Board Game

The movie Luck has a game that can also teach kids about accidental forces and how they can be handled. The board game comes with cards that players must bid for as they make their way through the Land of Luck. Each card matches a space on the board and the winner is the first person to get four spaces in a row. Through this game, kids can get a better idea of how skill and sheer luck come together.

“Luck” has the total package: Beautiful imagery, whimsical interactions, a sense of adventure, and lessons that can help kids navigate life. This new universe will likely make a positive impact for years to come.