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What to Look for in Artificial Grass Before You Buy

Purchasing artificial grass means making some tough choices about how you want your lawn to look. It’s also one of the advantages of buying an artificial turf lawn instead of installing sod or planting seeds. With an artificial lawn, you know that the final lawn will look exactly like the samples you saw — and will look like that from the moment you have it put into your yard.

You need to have a strong sense of how you want your lawn to look before you start shopping for fake grass. But aesthetics are just one of several things you need to consider while looking for artificial grass. Here is a quick checklist of considerations before installing synthetic grass:

Try to Get a Natural Look and Feel for Your Lawn: You want your lawn to blend in with other lawns in your neighborhood and with your home. A synthetic lawn that looks or feels unnatural will stick out like a sore thumb and draw undue attention. As you are reviewing lawn options, consider choosing one that has a color and texture that is similar to other lawns in your area.

Warranties Matter: Much like with anything else you purchase for your home, it’s important to buy an artificial lawn that comes with a good warranty. This not only means looking for a long-lasting warranty but also a guarantee against a variety of potential problems. This can include tears, damage to the blades of grass or discoloration. Along with warranties for the artificial grass itself, you can also look for warranties on installation.

Use of the Latest Technologies: New technologies are making artificial grass more affordable, durable and realistic than ever before. Some advances increase the soil stabilization qualities of the lawn; this reduces bumps and uneven spots that can occur over time. Soil stabilization and proper drainage can also keep pools of water from appearing on lawns.

Familiarize Yourself With the Various Grades of Artificial Turf: Not all artificial lawns are made alike. Artificial grass comes in different grades which can give you some clues about the quality of the product. Overruns and closeouts are products that were overproduced or did not sell as well a manufacturer might have hoped. In addition, factory seconds are pieces of turf that have some defect; they are more affordable but are less than perfect in their condition. Your best bet is to stick with first quality turf. As the name suggests, these are the highest quality pieces that meet manufacturer’s strictest requirements for durability and looks.

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  1. You are so right about getting a good warranty when you get synthetic grass. It’s the only way to protect yourself.

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