Lonely Planet Kids Books
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Lonely Planet Kids Books

Are you looking for some fun books to help keep your kids entertained either at home or on the go? This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!


We love Brain Teasers by Lonely Planet Kids and the kids love it also. This book is packed full of puzzles, riddles, codes and so much more to challenge kids and keep them entertained. I love taking this on our road trips to help keep the kids from being bored in the car. The kids also love this on rainy days when we are stuck inside, it is fun and also helps them develop strong problem solving skills.

The other thing that I love taking on our family road trips is My Family Travel Map – North America also by Lonely Planet Kids. This map introduces kids to all of the US as well as Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean. We love pulling out this map to help us plan our routes when we go on family vacations. It’s fun to let the kids help by adding stickers to places that we’ve been and places that they want to go. This is also fun because there are so many fun facts on the back of the map that you can learn while on your vacation. This is so much fun to bring along on your vacations.

Then we have our other favorite book that we actually got for each of the kids and that is My Vacation Drawing Book by Lonely Planet Kids. This book helps kids to learn how to sketch and draw the things that are around them. It provides them with step by step instructions as well as ideas on what to draw. This a so fun for the kids to have in the car when we are on road trips, they will often draw things while we are driving. All 3 of these books are so fun to have whether at home or on road trips. I would highly recommend them if you have kids.

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