Local Hive Honey
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Local Hive Honey

When I look for things to add to my pantry I usually start with things that are made naturally and Local Hive Honey is the best. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

Local Hive Honey is straight from the hive and is raw and unfiltered, with no added ingredients and nothing taken away. Now you can enjoy the great taste and benefits of Honey without worrying about all the additives that most companies add to honey. This stuff tastes amazing and I make sure to always have some stocked up in my pantry. I also love the fact that I can buy this stuff online and have it shipped directly to me. I love using this honey in hot lemon water when I’m not feeling well and feel a cold coming on. It adds some really good flavors and makes it so much better not getting the same flavor over and over again. These are just the right amount of sweet and that is another reason I love this honey so much.

Some of my favorite things about this honey is the different flavors that they have and they all have distinct flavors depending on the floral source used in them. One of my favorites to use on homemade biscuits is the one with Flavor Sources that is Alfalfa, Berries, Citrus, Clover and Sage. This honey has a fruity flavor and is sweet tasting. It makes breakfast taste just a little bit better. I love cooking with honey and love that I can mix up the taste buy just ordering different Floral Sources like the one with Basswood, Berries, Clover and Goldenrod which gives it a bold and robust flavor. I love using this one with Celery and peanut butter, weird I know but extremely delicious. If you are looking for amazing tasting honey that is raw and unfiltered then be sure to check out Local Hive Honey, it’s great for all the holiday cooking that we will all be doing very soon.

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