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Limited Time: $1 Ink Cartridges

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Do you have school supplies on the brain? School for us starts in just under a month. This year all three kids will be going, and I realize  just how expensive school supplies can get. I started shopping over a month ago to try to find the best deals I can get. Just a couple of weeks ago I lucked out and found nice back packs for $3.00!! I got one for all three of my kids. Just yesterday I stumbled a crossed another great deal! I found out 4inkjets have a sale on some of their ink cartridges for just ONE DOLLAR!!

I plan to take full of advantage of this sale and stock up!! I am always using ink, and it seems more so when school starts. I think that’s because I use a lot of charts to keep my family organized and on track. We have chore, homework, and hygiene charts. I have to admit I am a freak when it comes to charts and organization, so ink is a must have in this household!!

This is a fantastic deal for college and high school students, moms, and anyone who used a printer at home.  Speaking of college, I remember how broke I was during that time and of course I put papers off until the last minute which meant I was up late writing them in my dorm.  That being the case quite often, I had to use my own printer and often had very little money to buy expensive ink cartridges.  My how I would have loved to find a deal like this back then!  I hope I do my part to get the word out to everyone who is tired of paying such high prices for ink cartridges!  While the deal can only be used once on select cartridges, I’m sure you will find the service, selection, and prices at 4inkjets to meet your approval.  Give them a try today!

I was curious to why they were offering such a great deal on ink and this is what they had to say:

We’re so confident that you’ll love the value and quality of our products that we want to extend a deep discount on one cartridge – just pay $4.95 for shipping. If you’re not completely satisfied, just let us know and we’ll stand behind our one year satisfaction guarantee. Free shipping on all orders over $50, so add whatever you need to your order!

What would you print with this ink??

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