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LeapPad Platinum 7″ Tablet Review

Disclosure: I was sent all of the items mentioned above for free in exchange for my open and honest opinion. The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours.

My kids can’t resist a game system, tablet, computer or cell phone. It seems as if kids are tech savvy at birth anymore! I love that they are interested in learning, now more than ever, thanks to friendly characters, fun apps, and ways to learn that appeal to their imaginations.

LeapPad Platinum 7" Tablet Review

But, I have learned my lesson about just handing over my device to eager hands that want to play and learn! My 5 year old was given permission to play my e-reader and he has the settings configured so that everything is delayed and the device speaks in a foreign language… {note to self, that needs to be factory reset or something!} I don’t want to hand over something that my kids aren’t ready for, but I also don’t want to deny them access to technology.

One of the new things about the LeapPad Platinum which sets it apart from other learning tablets for children is how it incorporates the new Imagicards. Imagicards are a new “feature” used by the LeapPad Platinum. You can unlock more gameplay with six bonus LeapFrog Imagicard™ digital game and interactive cards with photo fun, trivia and more. (Game download required.) Use the LeapPad camera to activate 33 character and curricular cards and unlock magical gameplay onscreen.

LeapFrog sent me the Paw Patrol Imagicard game – it comes in a nice tin for storing all the cards and includes a digital code for downloading the game. The first thing you have to do is, download the game, then the children are ready to play, have fun and learn; in the case of Paw Patrol, they will learn math skills – number recognition, counting, shapes and more! It’s simple to play. As they play they have to find cards from the set which comes with the game and then take a picture of the card with the LeapPad Platinum. Once the photo is in the LeapPad Platinum, children are able to continue the game play with a different character. I loved the Imagicard because it a unique way for kids to play with the LeapPad. They add a new twist to playing “card games.” Creative, unique and fun Imagicard is sure to become a very popular option from LeapFrog and is definitely something which makes the new LeapPad Platinum very special!

The LeapPad Platinum 7″ Tablet is a great solution for kids! It has kid friendly wifi, access to over 1,000 games that kids love to play and tons of educator approved apps.

The multi touch screen produces a great viewing experience, ease of use, and the device offers interactive learning and opportunities for play that my kids cannot resist!

LeapPad Platinum 7" Tablet Review

The LeapPad Platinum is geared for kids age 3-9. It comes in green and purple, and retails for under $130. I think it is a good investment in entertainment for kids and a great investment in learning opportunities for kids of a variety of ages!

My kids really love their LeapPad Platinum. My husband and I have been impressed with the quality of construction, the durability and the functionality of the device. It has held up well to all 3 of our kids playing with it! We love the variety of games and apps available and are considering buying a second one!




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