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Laughter And Fun with Blobbits and Big Mouth Mask

Yes Halloween is over, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t dress up or have a little fun with some masks. Big Mouth Masks are not only perfect for Halloween, but they are great for having fun on an everyday base. Ordering and creating your mask is easy.  Simply upload a photo of whomever you want to be or create on your big mouth mask, print if off, cut out the eyes and nose holes to breath and attach it to the template mask.  It comes with everything you need to create the perfect mask.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money to create the costume that will surely be the talk of your party!

Laughter And Fun with Blobbits and Big Mouth Mask

About Big Mouth Masks:

 Whether you’re looking to make people laugh or liven the mood at a party, Big Mouth Masks allow YOU to be whoever you want to be! Just choose a pic, edit the eyes and mouth, print and attach it to the moving mask face template and you’re ready to win the crowd over! And the best part is you get to bring your mask to life using the one touch wire control push button to move the big mouth up and down.

Bryson loves to create things, so there wasn’t a doubt in mind that he would love  Blobbits  Blobimals!  The kit allows him to use his imagination and create fun little monsters.

About Blobbits Blobimals:

Kit Includes:

  • 4 Blobbits including Yellow,Blue,Green & Red
  • • 36 Face & Body Attachments
  • • Stackable Storage Containers
  • • Monster Making Fun Guide

Laughter And Fun with Blobbits and Big Mouth Mask

When I first open the Blobbits I was a bit nervous because Bryson has a thing about certain textures, so I was afraid he wouldn’t like the moist slick feeling the putty had. However, it didn’t seem to phase him. He loved the putty.  I love that the putty is moist and easy to shape and doesn’t dry out quickly like other molds. When you have shaped your monster, simply set it near a light source for a while, then take it to a room, flip off the switch and watch it glow in the dark.  The best part about this monster is it melts! Leave your monster out over night and in the morning, it will have melted back to a soft, original flat form, giving your kids the ability to create and shape it all over again.