Label Daddy – Organizer’s Dream

I have said it time and time again..I HATE CLUTTER. Everything has a place in my house. I have certain drawers for each child hat and gloves. I have been told time and time again that I am too organize. I however don’t think there is such a thing. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.
Label Daddy has a variety of labels. They don’t have just your basic labels either. They have labels that are specific for people that are allergic to a certain food. When I order the labels I got I didn’t think I had a need for those, but I do. I found out that my youngest is allergic to blueberries. These would be great for when she starts school. I can put them on her lunches or backpacks. 
The labels I found were the neatest were their zipper tags. These are great for any kids who goes to daycare or school. This would be great and stylish way to assure that that your child belongings stayed with them and didn’t get mixed up with another one. They have several kid friendly characters that you could have one side and then the name on the other. My son picked Spiderman. He was so excited to put these on his coat. 
The other label I got was just your basic label, well with a twist. I chose to get the small all purpose label for my youngest. My oldest daughter is constantly thinking some of Carly’s toys and stuff is hers. I figure this way she would know whose is whose. The twist is you can personalize the labels with a graphic. I picked a Winnie the Pooh character, but they have several famous characters. Not only do they have characters but they also have the basic graphics. 
If you have a kid that’s fixing to start school or going to a summer camp. Label Daddy has several labels and designs that will assure your child will keep their property.