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Kolcraft: Sealy Baby Posturepedic Crown Jewel Crib & Toddler Bed Mattress

As a parent you know that sleep is pretty important. It was until last year when I realized how important a good mattress is to sleep. We have always had hand me down mattresses. We did the same thing for my kids. All three of my kids had used the same toddler/crib mattress. I never thought much about it until we bought our first brand new mattress last year. Oh boy did I sleep a lot better. I began thinking about my little one’s mattress. My son is 6 and we have had that mattress since he was a baby. It was given to us from someone who had used it. So there was no telling how old it was. I was thrilled when I had a chance to review a mattress that came highly recommended by Kolcraft.


I had a chance to review their Sealy Baby Posturepedic Crown Jewel Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress. I was very excited when I opened the box up and saw it. No sooner than I got it out of the box and laid it on the floor both of my girls were all over it. My oldest daughter is four and she wanted to sleep on it instead of her big girl bed. Carly (the baby) was crawling over it. She kept getting on and off it. I could just tell how excited she was.  I wanted to lay on it as well. Although half of my body hung off the mattress it was pretty comfortable. I just knew she would sleep better on it. The next day she slept an hour and half longer than she normal does! Not only did that make a difference for her but it also gave this mommy and hour and half longer sleeping time! It’s a win for everyone!

Carly enjoying her new mattress!!

The features of the mattress are:

  • 220 Posturetech adult grade coils for maximum support & durability
  • all around heavy gauge steel border rods keep sides, corners and edges firm
  • anti-sag bars distribute baby’s weight evenly over the matters surface
  • 6 EverEdge strength pillars protect edges and sides
  • 3 hypollagerginc layers for lasting support and ultimate firmness
  • protective wrap for additional comfort
  • staph-gard reinforced cover provides an antibacterial and anti-static surface
  • waterproof cover and binding wipe clean with damp cloth. (LOVE THIS, especially after this mornings incident!)

Not only does the mattress have all these great features but they also past several test. Such as durability, firmness, crib fit, waterproof, clean ability, and flammability, phthalates, lead and CPSIA testing.

This mattress is great! It’s safe, soft, sturdy, and will last several years.You don’t have to take my word about how great these mattress are. Sealy Mattress won the Women’s Choice Award for 2013. You can read more about here.  Here’s some food for thought: do you value your sleep? Do you love your mattress? If so, shouldn’t your little one too?


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  1. The mattress looks so comfortable! I can tell by your photo, Carly is loving her new comfy bed. I often my husband we need to look into more suitable mattresses for our beds here – these really do sound like a great investment. Thank you for sharing your review!

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