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Knock Knock the Fun Way to get Organized

Being organized is very important to me! I am always looking for new improved ways to get organized. Knock Knock has a variety of note pad and tools that helped you get organized. The number one thing I love is that their products are funny. Several of their pads aren’t just a plan notepad but instead they have spunk and humor. The moment I stumbled upon their site I feel in love. I had a hard time deciding on what to get. I spent a hour looking over their products. Eventually I was able to narrow my long list down to just three items.

knock knock

As a mom it becomes second nature to put yourself aside and find items for your little ones. So naturally I picked something that they would like. I got them one of the clump o lumps. The clump o lumps are set of six creatures that you can mix and match with each other by unzipping the parts and zipping them with another. The height of one of them is as tall as my one year old. They are very cute, soft, and fun for the kids to play with.

knock knock

Now here comes the fun part for mommies well at least for this mommy!! There are SEVERAL different notepads that would be great for any mom to get a little organized. I had to think long on hard on which notepads I wanted. I narrowed it down to the All Out Of and Things to Do Around the House. I picked these two because I figured they would be the ones that I use the most. I am  constantly writing stuff down that I needed to do or get at the store. I always forget and ALWAYS loose the paper I wrote it on. Both of these have magnets on the back which makes it kind of hard to loose the paper. A BIG WIN for me!! I have been able to go to the store and not forget anything because as I realize I need or will be needing a item I add it to the list. Then when I am ready to go I just grab the list.

I am in love with Knock Knock! All there products are great! They are fun and useful! Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little laughter in your life. Like I mentioned before there was several products from their site that I wanted. Some of my favorites are the Pack This!, Health Life Log, and The Long/Short List.

Take a look at their site and you will see just how unique and fun Knock Knock is! What’s your favorite product?

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All Out Of $6.50 Online

Things to Do Around the House $6.50 Online

Clump o Lump $25.oo Online

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