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Kitchen Blossom Juicers #SPON


What kid doesn’t love juice? I know mine does. Why wouldn’t they with all that sugar in it. That’s when I had the idea of making my own juice. It was a perfect way to get my children nutrition they needed and they would enjoy it. That’s when I decided I needed to get juicer. I decided to take a look at Kitchen Blossom’s juicers. The one that caught my eye the most was this juicer; Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL .

About : (according to Kitchen Blossom)

“The processing blades feature diagonal knife blades that are housed on a titanium-plated stainless steel cutting disc.  The blades themselves are pretty mean looking as compared to cheese grater style blades of other less efficient juicers.  The blade disc contains 115 separate cutting surfaces to process pulp yielding the maximum amount of juice for a centrifugal juicer.  The Breville Juice Fountain Elite uses a patent technology that feeds produce directly to the center of the cutting surface.  This has several advantages but mainly it captures more juice by requiring a longer distance for juice to travel to get to the filter edges of the disc.  the end result is less juice lost. “

Now, I am not much of a vegetable eater either. So it’s hard to encourage my kids to do it when I don’t want to either. The juicer would make a huge difference! There are so many fun recipes that I can do that makes it fun and enjoyable to eat (well drink!) for both my kids and me.

Here are some of the recipes that I thought my kids and I would really like.

  • Apple juice: 3 to 4 medium yield about 1 cup
  • Pineapple-carrot juice: 2 carrots and 2 spears of pineapple yield 1 cup.
  • Orange juice: 2 medium oranges yield 1 cup
  • Orange –carrot juice: 1 orange and 1 carrot yield ¾ cup
  • Apple-carrot juice: 2 red apples and 1 carrot yield 1 cup
  • Apple-grape juice: 2 apples and a small bunch of grapes yield 1 cup
  • Pear juice: 2 medium pears yield 1 cup

I love the endless options that there is with a juicer! What are some recipes that you would or have tried?

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