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Kid’Sleep Moon Review

I know I am not the only parent who groans when their little one decides that the day should begin at some insane hour like 5 am…  why is it that kids want to start the day so early when they are small?!

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to keep your kids in bed a little longer without a fuss, a fight or a meltdown? We got the chance to try out a really fantastic product that is helping everyone in my family get extra sleep since the little one is not getting out of bed earlier than desired.
Let me tell you about this really great sleep training alarm clock that helps kids know when it is time to get up in a really fun way!
• Sleep Trainer
• Full face traditional nightlight
• 4 Choices of Lullabies, Alarms and it has a silent mode
• Smart Sunset “go to sleep” option
• 4 levels of brightness
• Smart moonset “wake up process”
• 3 settings which include nighttime, nap and for the weekend
• Animated LCD screen
• Easy setting menu
Kid'Sleep Moon Review
Carly really loves this alarm clock! It makes going to bed a little more fun and it makes waking up when she is supposed to so much easier on everyone!
This alarm is great for kids from infants to toddlers. The music it plays is super soothing, the lcd screen is helpful, it is so easy to set that even a sleep deprived Mom can handle it and the wake up process is something I envy… just a little!
This sleep trainer alarm runs around $50 but it is a good investment in good sleep for everyone and it promotes independence.

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