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Kids Cooking Real Food Class

Are you sheltering in place? Trying to find ways to entertain kids and educate them at the same time? Teach them how to cook with the Kids Cook Real Food Program! The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

About Kids Cooking Real Food Class:

BEGINNER ACCESS: for young children and anyone who needs the basics

Beginner lessons focus on small motor control, dexterity, and basic kitchen skills.


  • Spreading & Peeling
  • Slicing Soft Foods with a Dull Knife
  • Cross-Hatch Pattern Cuts
  • Measuring Ingredients
  • Soaking Dry Beans
  • Pouring Skills
  • Washing & Tearing Salad
  • Working with Dough

INTERMEDIATE ACCESS: for kids who know the beginner level skills

Intermediate lessons focus on recipe independence, intro to sharp knives and stovetop safety.


  • Following a Recipe Well
  • Intro to Sharp Knives
  • Cracking Eggs
  • Making a Recipe Without Help
  • Stovetop Safety & Cooking Rice
  • Flipping Pancakes
  • Rolling Dough
  • Browning Ground Meat
Kids Cook Real Food eCourse - teach kids to cook in fun ways!

ADVANCED ACCESS: for kids with intermediate level mastery

Advanced lessons focus on sharp knife skills, oven safety and making meals independently.


  • Sharp Knife Skills, Levels 1-4
  • Slicing & Dicing Vegetables
  • Crushing Garlic
  • Cutting Whole Fruits
  • Sauteing Vegetables
  • Cooking Dry Beans
  • Cooking Eggs
  • Homemade White Sauce
  • Steamed Vegetables

My Thought:

All four of my kids love to cook! From my three year old to my thirteen year old. The thing about Kids Cook Real Food is that provide classes for all levels and can fit every one of the kids. Another great feature is they teach them to use ordinary food that you have around the house. You don’t have to go buy special food. With being on one income that is a HUGE plus!! The site itself is easy to follow and use. I personally will admit that I am not the greatest cook, so as my kids are learning I am to it. It’s truly a family adventure. It’s perfect for every family and level!

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