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Kick the School Year off with Jennie-O Turkey Products

Disclosure: I was sent all of the items mentioned above for free in exchange for my open and honest opinion. 

This summer ended with a huge bang for us. We moved into a new house and all three of my kids would be in school. We decided to celebrate this huge milestone with a brand new grill for our a back yard and have a BBQ. What’s better than enjoying family and some good food like Jennie-O burgers and bacon!

Jennie-O Turkey Products

About Jennie-O Turkey Burgers:

Grill or fry these juicy 1/4 pounders as a better choice for your family. Find this product in the freezer section of your grocery store.

  • Gluten Free
  • All Natural
  • Twelve 1/4 lb. burgers
  • 50% less fat than regular ground beef

Jennie-O Turkey Products

About Jennie-O Turkey Bacon:

Our Turkey Bacon is a delicious alternative to pork bacon. Find this product in the refrigerated section of your grocery store.

  • 60% Less Fat & Sodium Than USDA Data For Pork Bacon
  • Resealable Package
  • 12-oz package
  • Gluten Free

About Turkey Franks:

A 100 percent turkey frank with natural smoke flavoring and 40 percent less fat than USDA data for beef franks. Find this product in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. 

  • 40% less fat than USDA data for beef franks
  • Gluten Free
  • 12-oz package

Jennie-O Turkey Products

My Thoughts:

I started eating Jennie-O turkey products seven years almost eight years ago. I remember this because I was pregnant with my oldest. For some reason during that pregnancy beef made me sick. The smell..the feel. I just couldn’t stand it. However, I could eat turkey products. Which in the end was good, because it is healthier and tastes great. Fast forward seven and half years I am still eating Jennie-O. It’s a family favorite, and my kids don’t even know better. You can cook so many different things with Jennie-O’s different products such as ground turkey, turkey franks, turkey patties, and turkey bacon. Recently we had a family celebration and we grilled up some turkey patties, bacon, and franks! I made this kick butt turkey cheesy burger. I used feta cheese, mozzarella slice cheese, and shredded cheddar cheese.  My son is super picky eater and even he enjoyed eating his turkey cheesy burger. My daughters favorite was their franks. By the end of the celebration we had full bellies and tired little kids. The best part was they didn’t know they were eating a healthier option!

Jennie-O Turkey Products

About Sweepstakes:

Jennie-O launched a Back-to-School Pinterest Sweepstakes, which fans of the brand to share easy family recipes, perfect for the hectic back-to-school season. 

  • 1 Grand prize: A year’s supply of JENNIE-O turkey products and tablet to use for accessing nutritious Jennie-O Back-to-School recipes and tips.
  • 4 runners-up prizes: A year’s supply of JENNIE-O turkey products

All you  have to do is enter the sweepstakes and Pin! It’s an easy and fun way Jennie-O is helping make the back-to-school transition as nutritious and delicious as possible with time-saving tips and recipes on its Back-to-School Pinterest board.

Jennie-O Turkey Products

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