Just How Good is the KFC Pot Pie?
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Just How Good is the KFC Pot Pie?

What qualifies as comfort food? Some say that it’s any food that makes you feel better, but that seems a bit too generic. Heck, for some folks, every food will be comfort food, then. 

For many of us, the term is much more specific. Usually, it’s something indulgent and definitely not healthy. It’s great to eat when you’re feeling down, whether you’re alone or you have a friend consoling you while sharing the comfort food. 

KFC Pot Pie

In many cases, comfort food brings along a feeling of nostalgia, such as when you remember how you enjoyed this bit of comfort food when you were much younger. 

The list of comfort food isn’t always easy to make, but for many, pizza tops the list. Then there’s ice cream and chocolate, along with the ever-popular mac and cheese. 

But there’s also the humble pot pie. It’s very popular down south, where people make it at home during weekends. Plenty of people who grew up down south remembers enjoying a pot pie during the weekends, shared with family and friends. 

KFC knows this, which is why there’s pot pie on their permanent menu. It was first introduced as a limited item in certain areas, and it proved popular enough to be part of the national permanent menu in 2012. It’s been there since then.

What You Get

Order a pot pie, and you get one in the regular 6-inch tin pan. The size is just right, you can believe that. 

You’ll find that the crust usually stretches past the sides of the bowl. That’s great for some of us who like to start off with that part, enjoying it like breadsticks while waiting for the middle part of the pot pie to cool down. The crust is golden-brown and buttery, so it’s a nice starter. 

Cut into the pie when you’re done with the crust, and that wonderful aroma of all the inside flavors just escapes to give that instant burst of nostalgia. Take a moment to savor this, as it’s part and parcel of the pot pie experience. 

For the filling, you have white and dark chicken cut down in bite-sized shreds. The chicken meat is tender and full of flavor, and it sure gets you going. 

You also have diced potatoes, peas, and slices of carrots, along with that sauce-gravy which KFC specializes in. All the ingredients are fresh, and you won’t get frozen or soggy veggies with your pot pie. The bright green peas are just slightly sweet, while the carrots offer a nice bite. All together, these ingredients combine for a delightful meal. 

No, It’s Not Healthy

You might have found the KFC pot pie listed among some “worst of” lists online. No, it’s never about the taste (as that’s wonderful) or the value for money (which is excellent). It’s all about the health factor. 

First of all, it comes with 790 calories. That’s problematic, especially when you’re on a diet and you’re trying to limit your calorie intake to just 2,000 calories for the whole day. 

The 1970 mg of sodium is also an issue, especially with those who are watching their sodium intake. The American Heart Association recommends that you don’t go over 2,300 mg of sodium for the whole day, so this will most certainly get you over the limit whatever you eat for breakfast and dinner. 

Then there’s the saturated fat content, which is a lot at 25g. That’s the same amount of saturated fat you’d get if you consumed 5 large orders of popcorn nuggets, or if you ate 17 KFC Original Recipe drumsticks! 

Final Words

But the KFC pot pie isn’t about your health. It’s fast food—health isn’t really the top priority. For most fast-food items, it’s about convenience. But in this case, it’s about just feeling good and nostalgic. 

You can, of course, always make your own pot pie in your kitchen. It’s not all that difficult if you have kitchen experience, plus it doesn’t take long either. 

But KFC makes it super-easy get. Just drive down to your local KFC and get some. It’s not as if it’s expensive. You only pay a little over $6 for Pot Pie at KFC, so it’s not as if it’s a huge budget-buster. 

Better yet, call KFC beforehand to make sure they have one ready for you. KFC makes their pot pies fresh each day, and often they don’t make enough to meet the demand. So, call them first so they can check. They may even make one fresh for you. 

It’s true that it may not be all that good for your body. But enjoying a pot pie every now and then is good for the soul. With the KFC pot pie, you get that feel-good vibe that everyone needs these days. 

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