Keeping Organized With Dotmine Day Planners
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Keeping Organized With Dotmine Day Planners

Disclosure: I was sent all of the items mentioned above for free in exchange for my open and honest opinion.

I have three children well four if you count my husband that I have to keep up with. My husband is a teacher and a coach for several different sports. He ends up coaching up all year-long. My son is in 2nd grade, oldest daughter is kindergarten, and youngest is in preschool. . My son also has played football and is playing basketball. My oldest daughter is in tumbling. With all that being said, I have tons of schedules to keep up with. I got to admit sometimes I get a little confused and who is supposed to be where and when! Well not anymore.

Keeping Organized With Dotmine Day Planners

Dotmine day planners make it easy for me to keep up with everyone. The planners go from August 2014- December 2015. My favorite part is their flaps for a routine. They have one for each season. It’s a quick way to  glance at your day. Another great feature is the stickers! It makes it easy to spot birthdays, holidays, no school days, doctors, vets, and special days in general. I often need to bring extra papers to appointments and it’s hard to remember to bring them. Now, when I know I need to bring papers I stick them in the back pocket when I think it about at first. That way they are there when I need them. The planner also comes with perforated margins which is a great place to write down errands or a grocery list. I am always forgetting to add something to the list,  but now I write it down when I think of it and tear out the margin when I am ready to shop! This planner has both a monthly and weekly pages. I always you the monthly one to keep track of my bills due date, and I use the weekly to keep track of all my errands/appointments.

Keeping Organized With Dotmine Day Planners

My Dotmine planner is the one thing that I ALWAYS carry with me. I am lost with out it. I keep track of every program, game, appointments, activities, play dates, and bill in the planner. I know for fact that if I didn’t have this planner that I would be forgetting something(well many things!)

Keeping Organized With Dotmine Day Planners

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