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Keeping Little Ones Safe with DreamCatcher

Carly Jo and Lee Lee are my monkeys! They are always climbing and crawling in places they shouldn’t and isn’t safe for them. Carly when she was in a crib was always climbing out. It always scared me that one day she would get hurt. I knew I wasn’t alone, but wasn’t what the best way to handle her climbing out was. pNeo recognized the problem and came out with DreamCatcher. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

About DreamCatcher:

DreamCatcher is cushion designed to reduce the severity of an injury if a child climbs out of their crib and falls. Eight inflatable sections enabling the product to be configured to any nursery layout, especially if the crib is placed against a wall (or two). This product is launching for funding on Indiegogo on October 10th.

Why DreamCatcher:

They know that parents cannot be with their child every moment of the day, and the crib should be a relatively safe place. But our experience has shown that no matter how hard you try, sometimes accidents happen.

The DreamCatcher will:

  • Provide a softer place to land in the event that your little adventurer climbs out of their crib
  • Reduce the likelihood of severe injury for children who climb

Most importantly, DreamCatcher does not restrict your child to their crib. They don’t believe that this is a practical, or a healthy way to keep your child safe.

Want to help get this product out? Visit Indiegogo and pick a level:


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