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Keeping Kids Smart with Smartlab


Bryson is 5, will be 6 in a month, he loves just about anything that has to do with science. He can name all the planets and lots of the dinosaurs.   The thing I love about Smartlab is they take science to a whole new level. They make it where it’s fun and enjoyable for the kids to learn!That’s why when I saw that Smartlab had “The Amazing Squishy T-Rex” I knew it was something he would really enjoy.


The Amazing Squishy  T-Rex brings T-Rex to life. Bryson was able to put together body parts to form a T-Rex. The brains, tongue  lungs, and heart are all squishy and real life feeling. Once T-Rex is put together you can see his bones, muscle, and organs. So not only does it bring one of Bryson’s passion to life but it also teaches him about anatomy. Bryson was VERY excited to get to try out his new toy. It wasn’t to hard for him to put together by himself. It was just enough to give him a little challenge, but nothing he couldn’t do on his own. The thing he liked most was being able to showcase his T-Rex on the stand that came with it.


The Amazing Squishy T-Rex is a great way to encourage your little one to learn more anatomy but not be over their head. It’s fun for them to put together and once it’s together they can showcase it. Smartlab has tons of other items that encourage your little ones to learn but have fun doing it! Visit Smartlab to see what I am talking about!

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