Keep Them Entertained this Summer with Highlights
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Keep Them Entertained this Summer with Highlights

If you have a little one then I would highly suggest looking into Highlights learning books. These things are absolutely amazing I have several different books from highlights that I use with a little girl that I watch. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Right now she is working in the First Grade book and she has so much fun doing. She is learning things like word recognition and shapes, math with addition and subtraction and so much more. These are packed full of so many fun sheets for the kids to complete.

However they don’t just have grade level workbooks. One of the other fun books that my kids even love is the Highlights Farm Puzzles. This book is so much fun that even I will sit down and do a puzzle or two and actually enjoy it. This book has hidden pictures that you have to work hard to find, it’s really just so much fun to do.

Then there is 101 Bananas which has over 90 puzzles where you’d have to find the banana which is hidden among a ton of different pictures. This book is so fun and it’s fun to watch the kids as they try to find the banana with all the items in the pictures.

Highlights has some fun things for people of all ages, so whether you are looking for puzzles for yourself or learning books and puzzle books for your kids then you should definitely check out the highlights collection.

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