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Keep Kids Comfy with Meeno

For the past 5 years I had to travel to go see my family for Christmas. The drive ranged from six hours to twelve hours. Can you imagine how rough that was for my little ones. Not only was it boring for them but it also wasn’t comfortable for them. Although we live closer we still have to drive at least an hour (more depending on who) to go see family. That’s why I was very excited to try Meeno babies. Anything is worth trying if it helps the fussiness.


Meeno babies are car seat liners.  They have a 3-ply fabrication that promotes airflow. Which enables normal body temperature. The center layer of insulation provides extra cushion for them and protects the seat at the same time. That part is great. My oldest tends to get motion sickness. Ironically the first time I tread Meeno Babies he got sick. Instead of taking the whole car seat cover off all I had to do was take this liner out. I loved that!! The Mesh material soaks up any moisture so that helped with the sickness and sweat. Besides all this I was able to use the liners as a way to identify whose booster seat is my son’s and daughter’s  We were given identical car-seats and it’s hard for me to keep track. I got one blue and one pink liner. Now I don’t have to remember whose is whose.


My over all opinion of Meeno Babies is it’s a must have if you have little ones. Not only do they make riding in car-seats a little more comfortable for your little one but if they get sick it help cleans up the mess! Plus if the little one is happy that means mommy is happy. (You wouldn’t have to listen to a crying baby.) It’s a win-win for both mother and child!

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39 thoughts on “Keep Kids Comfy with Meeno

  1. sounds like something that can be used in my car both of my kids get car sick and or hot on long rides

  2. Honestly I learned what a meeno was! I also learned they are easliy removable and come in diferent colors

  3. This would be awesome for my kiddos since we live in the desert and they sweat a lot.

  4. I never even thought of airflow for the baby in the carseat. Thanks for opening my eyes to keeping baby more comfortable!

  5. wow this is great i watch kid and then the babys are all way fussy and then i wiould love to have this so they do not act up

  6. My son sweats…a lot! This will help keep the sweat off of him and will be easy to clean.

  7. This is great, I learned how breathable this product is and how perfect it would be for us living in FL.

  8. I like that it helps keep kids cool, my daughter is always getting heat rashes in her car seat

  9. I learned that this helps with airflow to keep the seat cool, which helps in sweaty, humid Chicago summers!

  10. I learned it has a 3-ply fabrication that promotes airflow which helps your child stay comfortable by promoting normal body temperature.

  11. This would be wonderful for driving in the desert! I’m always concerned the the baby will get too hot. Like that it permits air flow and keeps their temps regulated. Thanks for the review!

  12. This would be helpful for motion sickness. My toddler gets sick whenever we’re in the car for more than 20-30 minutes. I think part of the problem is being too hot.

  13. I think it’s great that it helps with airflow… often kids get really hot in car seats

  14. I learned that it’s really helpful if your little one gets sick because you can just clean the liner and not the whole seat

  15. I learned it has a 3-ply fabrication that promotes airflow! This sounds like a great product!

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