Kaytee Rollin The Hay Rabbit Feeder
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Kaytee Rollin The Hay Rabbit Feeder

If you have a small pet such as a Rabbit or Guinea pig then you should check out this Kaytee Rollin The Hay Rabbit Feeder. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

This feeder is so fun to watch your pet use. You just stuff the feeder with your pets favorite food, and then decide if you want to hang it from a wire in the cage, hang it on it’s stand or just let it roll freely through your pets cage. I love that you can choose how to set this up, and can change it day to day depending on your animal. It’s a great way for your pet to get a little bit of a workout also. I really love the fact that this helps to keep the food from getting everywhere like it did when we just sat it in a feeding dish and sat it in our rabbits cage.

Kaytee Rollin The Hay Rabbit Feeder

This is so easy to use that is one reason I absolutely love this feeder. Filling it is so simple all you have to do is pop open the locking door and fill it up with the food of your choice and then close it and go. Washing it is also easy and I just hand wash mine with warm soapy water and then rinse and let dry or dry it with a hand towel and you’re good to go. Another fun way you can use this is to fill it with your pets favorite treat and do the roll around option. It’s fun to watch your pet chase this ball around and push it around trying to get to their favorite treat. They get a workout and get rewarded for it, it’s a great way to keep them active.

This works great for basically all small pets, we use this for our rabbit and we have a friend who uses this for her guinea pigs and she loves it as well. This feeder is definitely one that I would recommend to anyone who has small pets. There are days where I will use the stand or set it up on a certain wire in the cage just so my rabbit doesn’t always move it around the cage trying to get her hay out. This feeder just allows for some versatility in the way of feeding your animal and that is something I absolutely love. You should really try this if you have a small pet.

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