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Kandoo Flushable Wipes

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

I have been looking for a good flushable while for my daughter to use for quite a while now, so when a friend gave me Kandoo flushable wipes for my daughter to try I was excited. She had always had a hard time wiping really well and sometimes ended up red and sore. I had a friend who used these with her daughter and they seemed to do the trick.

The first few times she used them I kept an eye on her, just to make sure she didn’t have any bad reactions. These are hypoallergenic so I wasn’t really too worried, and they worked well. They are also biodegradable and we haven’t had any problems with them clogging our toilets.

Kandoo Flushable Wipes

These are great for adults as well as children, and I actually like using them better than regular toilet paper in my opinion. I actually keep some in my purse because they are the only thing that my daughter will use now. My boys even use these when they don’t in the bathroom. They say it makes them feel cleaner than just using regular toilet paper.

These are also great to use on babies and toddlers as well. I really like that they are flushable and so I gave them to a friend who uses cloth diapers and she loves them. These are truly worth giving a shot, you are sure to find them useful. Makes a great gift also for anyone expecting a baby.

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