Just Another Reason To Love LeapFrog LeapTv
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Just Another Reason To Love LeapFrog LeapTv

Disclosure: I received a copy of this game to facilitate my review, however, all opinions are my own and I was not required to give a positive review.

LeapFrog LeapTv

It probably isn’t a surprise to you that we here at Woman of Many Roles LOVES LeapFrog!! I am excited that I got another chance to work with them and get to tell you about some pretty cool products that they just released!  Awhile back I got a chance to review their LeapTv and my girls love it! Carly Jo turned 4 this summer and Zoey O is 6 and they can easily play their games on the LeapTv and enjoy it too! They require little help from me to get started or to play the game. The best part is while they are having fun they are learning! LeapFrog recently came out with some pretty cool games for their LeapTv.

LeapFrog LeapTv

LeapFrog LeapTV: Disney Frozen: Arendelle’s Winter Festival:

  • Mathematics skills seamlessly blend with active gameplay to create a magical, fun-filled festival with Elsa, Anna and Olaf.
  • Features 5 mini games a child can play solo or with a friend. (Multiplayer feature requires two controllers.)
  • For Ages 4-7
  • Teaches counting, addition, subtraction, place value, shape recognition and number sequence.
  • Works with LeapTV gaming system. Internet connection may be required for programming update.

Both of my girls could probably sing just about every song that is on Frozen, so when I saw this game I knew it would be a hit for them and it was! This game can be played both solo or with a friend, but more often than not in this household it’s played with two players. Although I will admit my youngest likes to play it a lot when her big sister is a school. I love that you can adjust the level of the math. So I can make it simple for my four-year old and harder for my six-year-old. It starts with recognizing numbers, then putting them in order and finally equations.  The 5 games are all completely different and the kids get rewarded with interactive play.  The game teaches math, shapes but also coordination and logic.

LeapFrog LeapTv

LeapFrog LeapTv: Letter Factory:

  • Adventure through the alphabet with Tad & Lily!
  • Bend, twist, bop and pop bubbles to explore letters and build words, solo or with a friend.
  • For 1-2 players, ages 3 to 5 years. Multiplayer feature requires two controllers.
  • Teaches the alphabet, phonics, word building, spelling.
  • Works with LeapTV gaming system. Internet connection may be required for programming update.

This game was made for my four-year old. She loves it! There is enough variety in the game with collecting letters, writing letters, playing mini games,  and taking photos that she never gets tired of playing it. It’s a little young for my six-year-old, but now and then she will amuse her sister and play it with her in the two player mode. It is a great way to learn the letters and sounds of the alphabet. My youngest loves trains. She always gets excited when she seems them so she really loved the train in the game and getting to explore the Letter Factory.

LeapFrog LeapTv

LeapFrog LeapTv: Doodlecraft starring Mr. Pencil: 

  • Build, explore and customize a world, solo or with a friend! Earn new art tools along the way for endless creative fun.
  • Complete quests to unlock and explore 5 neighborhoods. Smash and recycle items, sort objects and clear obstacles to keep everything shipshape.
  • For 1-2 players, ages 4 to 7 years.
  • Teaches creative expression, art & drawing, spatial reasoning, and sorting & classifying.
  • Works with LeapTV video gaming system. Internet connection may be required for programming update.

What little kid doesn’t love doodling? I know all three of my kids do! My oldest is 8, so this game is a little young for him but he still really loves this game. I don’t know if he likes the fact that you can smash things or if it’s his creative side coming through. Either way this game was a hit for him! It was also a hit for my 4 and 6-year-old. The girls really love the drawing aspect of the game. They could draw forever if I would let them! My youngest loves to organize things (she’s just like her mama!) so when I asked her what she liked about the game she said the sorting. As a mom, I love that they are learning about the world around them and that this is a game that all three of them enjoy!

LeapFrog LeapTv

LeapFrog LeapTv: Disney Princess: Cinderella and Rapunzel:

  • Reading skills seamlessly blend with active, enchanting gameplay to bring to life the magical fairytales of Cinderella and Rapunzel.
  • Features 6 mini-games and dress-up activity.
  • Age Range 4-7
  • Teaches phonics, the alphabet, sight words, spelling and grammar.
  • Works with LeapTV gaming system. Internet connection may be required for programming update.

Okay this game is every girls dream, well at least for my oldest! She loves (LOVES!) dressing up so the dress up activity was a huge hit for her. She’s in first grade this year and is pretty proud of her reading skills she learned last year and loves trying to read to us. This game allows her to practice the skills she needs to become a better reader (phonics, alphabet, site words, spelling, grammar)  but at the same time have fun. She don’t realize that she’s “learning” something to her she’s having fun and playing a game. As a mom that’s what I love best about this game…she’s learning and enjoying it!

LeapFrog LeapTv

LeapFrog LeapTv: Blaze and the Monster Machines:

  • STEM skills seamlessly blend with active gameplay to race into stunt track victory with Blaze and AJ.
  • Features 15 challenges and Race A Friend activity.
  • For 1-2 players, ages 3 to 5 years.
  • Teaches number recognition, physical science, simple machines and problem solving.
  • Works with LeapTV video gaming system. Internet connection may be required for programming update. Multiplayer feature requires two controllers.

I have to admit this game wouldn’t be my youngest top choice. She’s a girl and doesn’t really care about anything about cars. However, she does ask to play this game off and on. Which is great because it teaches her some important things about life. It works on recognizing numbers, physical science, simple machines, and problem solving. I have caught her getting more curious about things around her after she plays this game. Just the other day I caught her using some of the problem solving skills she learned in this game, so in my opinion I will call this game a success. She enjoys playing it and is learning from it! What more can a mom ask for.

All five of these games are perfect for my kids. They are fun, easy to play, and educational!!

What game do you think your little one would like best?

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