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Jump Start Your Little One’s Math Skills with Tabtor + Win $50 GC

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For most of us school has start. Although for me I have two days for one child and week for the other child before they start school.  Growing up I always struggled in school and want to do my best to prevent my kids struggling. Because of that I am always looking for new ways to help encourage them to learn. Recently I have discovered Tabtor. It’s a perfect way to jump start their math skills.

About Tabtor

Tabtor is a revolutionary tutoring service that provides more customization, instant feedback, and more personalization. This makes tutoring fun for the student and efficient, all at a cost and engagement-level parents love!

  • Personalization – Tabtor offers an extremely-personalized learning experience that is often not available in standard K-6 education. The Tabtor solution allows for customized worksheets for each individual student’s needs, as well as a dedicated Tabtor instructor to maximize student engagement.  This includes specific instruction for those who struggle with math and problem solving skills – providing personalized attention in these areas.
  • Convenience – Via an iPad, Tabtor worksheets can be completed in the convenience of the students own home, during downtime at school, in the car, or even at a sporting event among many others.  The Tabtor solution also eliminates the hassle of carrying around heavy practice workbooks, which are also environmentally wasteful.
  • Proof of Learning Analytics – Tabtor allows instantaneous grading feedback and guarantees 24-hour feedback to issues or questions. Providing comprehensive analytics, Tabtor can track every student activity – keystroke, pen stroke, eraser, etc., to help teachers and parents understand student performance and potential intervention points. The analytic are so in-depth that they can tell instructors how long it takes a student to complete a problem and can identify key areas of struggle for the students Tabtor currently has 500 active students enrolled and students have shown a 20 percent improvement in just two months.

You can also get a free two-week trial:

–          Click on the following link and fill in your first and last name, email address, and create a UserID and password.

–          Please note, during the 2-week free-trial, a dedicated instructor will contact the reader to discuss his or her child’s progress.

Purchase Tabtor:

Tabtor is offering my readers a great discount!!  Readers will receive a $10 off discount bringing the total to $40/month.To sign up just follow this link.


One of my readers will win a free 3-month trial of Tabtor, along with a $50 gift card.

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26 thoughts on “Jump Start Your Little One’s Math Skills with Tabtor + Win $50 GC

  1. I hated math, but both my parents were math teachers. So I wasn’t allowed to struggle! lol

  2. Math was my worst subject especially algebra I hope I can be at least good enough to help my boys with their math home work !

  3. Yes, I hated math when I was in school…I started struggling in elementary and it was a big struggle through college

  4. I didn’t struggle with math until I got into college then it seemed like a foreign language. My kids are the same. I wished that it did go up to high school though instead of the 6th grade, would have been great for me.

  5. Yes I did,
    When i was a young adult I attended tech school and door opened for me and my math skills improved greatly. I am hoping to get a jump start on that for my son!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

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