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Juil Shoes : Save Your Feet

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Like all women, I love shoes. I love shopping for shoes, I love buying shoes, I love owning shoes. The problem is, I don’t like wearing shoes. I like the free feeling of going barefoot. I like that my feet don’t hurt when I go shoe-less  and I believe that my body doesn’t hurt nearly as bad when I am barefoot for a day.

Would you believe that someone designed shoes just for people like me?

“Juil™ was created to enhance your well-being.

Our mission is very simple – we want you to look better, feel better and be better™. This all starts from the ground up, wearing our unique and remarkable styles that provide you with your own special connection that simply gives you a smile.

Know that blissful feeling when you’re carefree, in the moment, and at peace with yourself? People are discovering that’s what Juil can do for you.  Juil encompasses those moments well-spent in life, re-living nostalgic moments, and feeling like a million bucks each and every moment of the day!  With Juil, you can feel that way all the time.

Stay Connected™ with Juil and simplify your life.

After all, Connection Feels Better™.”

Ok, wait a minute. It gets better!



“Over time, factors such as stress, man-made electromagnetic fields, toxins, infections and poor diets can contribute to chronic inflammation, which is known to contribute to many types of chronic disease. Inflammation and the free radicals it creates can be partially quenched by fruits, vegetables and other nutrients in a healthy diet. But what else can we do to help ourselves  Well, it turns out that our earth’s surface carries a natural, bountiful source of electrons that our bodies also need. These electrons have a balancing effect on our nervous systems and quench free radicals as well. Essentially, when we connect directly with the earth’s surface, electrons rising from its soil or sand will enter our bodies and turn the “negatives” we build up day-to-day into “positives.”

Now, a few years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus. For those of you that don’t know what Lupus is, I’ll just say my body gets inflamed and I hurt. The first thing my doctor told me was I need to eat better and get rid of some of the toxins in my body. She suggested a copper bracelet around my wrist. These shoes take it 10 steps further.

I absolutely love my Juil™ shoes. The comfort level is amazing! I had enough arch support to feel like I was wearing a shoe, but there wasn’t the overbearing feeling of wearing shoes  It was a very natural feel. After wearing them for only a few days I noticed a marked decrease in the amount of pain I was feeling in my knees and hips. I would say that their mission is complete!! I look better, I feel better, and I am better!

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3 thoughts on “Juil Shoes : Save Your Feet

  1. wow pretty neat shoes.thanks for sharing this amazing review with us on these shoes…

  2. I really like Juil shoes! I like that a company creates shows to make you feel like you are going barefoot. They sound so comfortable and I will look at their website. Thanks for post!

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