Halloween · October 20, 2015 0


Halloween is here! It is time to start getting dressed up, learn new traditions like The Teal Pumpkin Project,  going to parties and best of all begging for treats! I love giving out treats too! Something I had never thought of before was how many kids have food allergies and how trick or treat can be an entirely different ordeal for them. Do you know how many kids have a food allergy? Over 6 million! That is a lot of little ones to be concerned about!

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) is encouraging families to participate in a new Halloween tradition: The Teal Pumpkin Project. This national campaign encourages parents to offer non-food treats for children with food allergies. Participants will mark their intent by placing a teal-colored pumpkin in their yard, informing trick-or-treaters they have non-food Halloween handouts.

We will be participating this year with a TEAL PUMPKIN PROJECT . Not only are we going to have a safe option for kids with food allergies, but this option is likely to be the most fun treat they get along their route!
We are giving our Teal Pumpkin seeking trick or treaters nothing but the spookiest, the funnest, the best!
Each bucket has 100 pieces of Halloween fun! There are 12 different action figure styles in each bucket, and these stand up on their own and are perfectly spooky for Halloween!
These little toys make for a lasting treat. They are about $20 a bucket and well worth it once you get a peek of the zombies escaping the grave, the creepy crawly spiders, the monsters and the brain hungry zombies (depending upon which assortment you get)!