Jarlsberg Cheese Crisps
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Jarlsberg Cheese Crisps

We love cheese in this house and so I am always looking for new things that are cheese flavored to try. I ended up trying all four flavors of the Jarlsberg Cheese Crisps and these things are awesome. They are great for dipping or just for snacking on. I love dipping them in salsa and the kids love dipping them in cheese sauce. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

These come in four amazing flavors and each one of them tastes great. First there is my favorite, the Chipolte flavored cheese crisps. These have just the perfect amount of spice and are great for dipping into cheese dip. Then there is the Garlic and Herb flavored and the Rosemary and Olive Oil which are my favorite for just snacking on or dipping in salsa. Then there is the Mediterranean Sea Salt and these are also a favorite around here for snacking on.

Jarlsberg Cheese Crisps

Jarlsberg also has some amazing skim cheese snacks. These are amazing to eat alone or with the cheese crisps. These are great for snacks as well as for putting in lunches. I love letting the kids snack on these and they always ask for them to be put into their lunches for school. If you are looking for a great cheese snack or for something more to add to your holiday meals then you should really give these snacks a try.

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