Jam City
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Jam City

If you are someone who loves playing games then you have to check out Jam City. This site is our families go to site for playing games. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

There are so many fun games you can play here and they have a bunch of kid friendly games as well which I love because my kids love playing games and they really love having different choices. One of my Daughters favorite games to play is Cookie Jam which a game where you match 3 like pieces to complete the challenges, she also loves to play Panda Pop where you have to stragtecially pop bubbles to beat the evil baboon and rescue the baby panda cubs and return them to their mom.

What about Harry Potter fans, there is even a game for them where you can create your own character and then experience life as a Hogwarts student. This game is actually quite fun if you like Harry Potter which our family loves Harry Potter so this is something we love playing. You have to complete different challenges and as you do you level up and work your way through the school year. They also have games that are geared more towards adults like Family Guy and Futurama these games I would recommend for adults only, I don’t think it’s very good for kids since it does reference a lot of stuff that is in the cartoons.

Snoopy Pop is another fun one for kids that my boys like to play and they seem to have fun playing it. If you are looking for a few different varieties of games that you can just chill and play or that you can let your kids play then you should really check out jam city and their fun games.

I personally like Harry Potter and Avengers Academy they are fun to play for both kids and adults and I have fun playing them. This is really a good place to get some fun mobile and online games to play.

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