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Installing home solar panels – what to look out for!

More households across the USA are taking the decision to invest in home solar panels – and a very wise investment it is!

Yet getting started can be a little daunting – from the potential upfront costs to understanding some new technical terms, it can be easy to get put off. Here we demystify home solar panels, and get you on the road to complete freedom from expensive electricity bills.

home solar panels
Considering your investment

The first step is to calculate the cost of solar panels for your home, and how to get the right installation to meet your power requirements. As you work through your purchase calculations, you will see that a reasonable upfront investment may be required.

There are different green grants or financing options available by state, but the initial outlay can still run into thousands of dollars. If you can afford this however, you should not be put off, because the benefits can rapidly outweigh the negatives.
As competition in the market intensifies, the price for home solar panels gets cheaper for consumers. There are also tax breaks to be had at a state and federal level.

How long until you see a reward?

As with any investment, the first question to ask is when will your investment be realized. In other words, when will you be better off financially?

To some extent, this depends on where your home is, the hours of sunlight you get each day, and whether your roof is structurally sound enough to take enough panels. If all these boxes are ticket, an investment in a home solar system can pay for itself in as little as six years. After this point you will be in pure profit without needing to pay a monthly electricity bill again!

Getting your system installed

As with any electrical system, it is essential to find a skilled, qualified professional to help you install your home solar panels.

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Another advantage of using a professional is that they will be able to assist with configuring your system and advising on the optimal number of panels based on your property. They will also factor in the average monthly consumption of your home or business. From this, you will also be able to create your surplus production – in other words, the excess energy your solar panels create that you can sell back to the grid.
Installing the system is actually quite straightforward with the right professional help. Although no planning permission is required, local authorities often require a safety testing certificate to demonstrate the safety and integrity of the system before it goes live.

Reaping the rewards

Once your system is switched on, you can get cracking with applying for tax credits and the other perks associated with home solar panels. The solar panel cost can seem expensive at first, but once you start to look a little longer term, you will quickly see the rewards mounting up.