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Infant Feeding: As Long As Their Bellies are Full (Giveaway!)

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Mommy Wars…bite the dust! Lately I have heard so much online lately about mommies hating on other mommies because they work out of home or they stay at home. One says the other is better. The big one that gets on my nerves is the big debate on which is better bottle or breast feed.  Breast does has advantage, but formula has a lot of the nutrients that breast milk has where in my opinion it doesn’t matter as long as their bellies are full. I did both with all three of my kids. Bryson I breast fed for the first three months. He was an only child then so it was easier. Zoey, I did for the first six weeks. Carly, I did for the first month. Bottle feeding is easier, but can be overwhelming when you go by formula. So many brands to choose from. I remember asking other mommies..what’s the difference? Which one is better?

According to the “Pulse of Pediatricians” survey, 71 percent of pediatricians believe all infant formulas are basically the same; the brand doesn’t matter. In other words, because the FDA has so many regulations to protect your children, there really isn’t a lot of differences that are even allowed.  So what is the difference? Just simply the name and price! You can use a store brand, that 71% of pediatricians agree are the same, and you can save $600, why wouldn’t you?

Like I said, I do not judge. I think as moms we will decide what is best for our children. Every child is different. But rest at ease if you decide to bottle feed, you can get the cheaper one and still receive the appropriate nitration. In the end all that matters is their bellies are full. Full bellies equal happy babies!  visa gift card

About the Giveaway:

One lucky US reader will win  a $25 Visa Gift Card!  Enter the form below! This giveaway is open to 18+ & US.  This giveaway will end 11/17/14  . Entries and deadline is subject to change & be modified.  Also winner must respond within 48 hours of receiving the winning email to confirm prize.

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  1. Here comes Santa Claus! Christmas gift for my husband. We don’t buy each other presents, that fell out of the budget years ago. So a surprise would be nice!

  2. I would buy a candle with jewelry in it. I’m a grandma so I’m probably a bit older than most here.

  3. i would put the gift card towards household essentials like toilet paper and laundry detergent

  4. Three of my Grandchildren have Birthdays right at Christmas so I would put it towards their Birthday gifts.

  5. i would definitely buy groceries…trying hard to save money for the holidays

  6. I’d use it for school. I’m in my sophomore year of college and every little bit helps!

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