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Improve Your Little One’s Writing Skills with Startwrite

This is a sponsored post.  As with all the products I blog about, I use them personally and opinions are my own, I was not influenced in any way by the compensation I received.

writing skills

My son was in Head Start two years before he got into Kindergarten. He learned so much during that time and I felt comfortable that he was ready to tackle what Kindergarten had for him. However my daughter was not so lucky. I wanted to make sure she was equally prepared but I had to do it on my own. One of the things I wanted to work with her on was her writing skills. Making the individual dots took forever and wasn’t easy. Then I discovered Startwrite.

Startwrite Mission: 

Startwrite, the Handwriting Worksheet Wizard will help teachers, homeschoolers, and parents create handwriting lessons quickly and easily. Startwrite saves hours in lesson preparation time, yet allows you to easily create fun, meaningful worksheet to teach handwriting. Startwrite lets you focus on your child’s needs and interests instead of dots and dots and more dots. We are excited to make Startwrite available to everyone who wants to teach handwriting to their child or student and save time doing it.

writing skills

My Thoughts: 

This program is so cool!! It was super easy to use and it took matter of seconds to create a document for her to work on. Plus, the possibilities was endless to what I could do. I could have a border an image. It didn’t matter. These papers were just like what my son got when he was in Head Start to practice writing. Her favorite border was one of a queen/princess type lady on it. She said “It’s homework fit for a princess!” Yep she called it her homework. She loves doing it and she’s getting better at it too. She can now write her name without any dots. It’s still a little big, but it’s getting there. One step at a time!!

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