Improve your family meals with these excellent recipe apps
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Improve your family meals with these excellent recipe apps

Converting a smartphone or a tablet into a digital library of cookbooks appeals to many parents around the world, especially if your little one isn’t eating certain dishes or you’re keen to spruce up your family’s meals with new recipes and different ingredients. Sometimes eating the same food all the time can be boring, can’t it? 

In order to provide some inspiration in the kitchen and ultimately produce better food for the family in the process, mothers and fathers everywhere are utilizing the modern smartphone devices and tablets we have by downloading an array of recipe apps. These types of devices are not only shaping how we eat but how we entertain ourselves, too. From players spinning the reels in the Berryburst slot game to watching your favorite show on Netflix, apps have been transformative to how we have fun, but that goes for in the kitchen as well.

Recipe apps have become an integral part of mealtimes in many households, especially as people turn to an array of apps to manage various aspects of their lives, with health and diet being the most important ones. To find out what works best for your the Factor_ Meal Delivery Review has laid it all for you by sharing different reviews of meal delivery.

In order to provide you with some inspiration ahead of your next family feast, here is a look at some of the best recipe apps available for download right now. 

BBC Good Food

A popular app in the UK with recipes from celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsey and Mary Berry, the BBC Good Food offers a huge amount of healthy dishes to explore. If you’re keen to add some greenery to a mealtime before your dessert of some decadent doughnuts, then the BBC Good Food app most definitely has you covered with its high-quality and incredibly tasty recipes. The app is clean and easy to use, too. 

Food Network Kitchen

Working best on a tablet, the Food Network Kitchen app grants users access to some of the best recipes on the planet. With over 80,000 trusted recipes to enjoy from famous faces such as Rachel Khoo and Tom Kerridge, the app offers a stunning variety of cuisine. The app boasts an integrated shopping list feature that enables users to purchase ingredients direct from an Amazon Fresh order, too, as well as coming with 50-plus live classes to watch also. 

SideChef Recipes

Keen to produce a meal plan and gain access to thousands of curated recipes from industry experts? If so, then SideChef Recipes could be for you. The app offers an extensive selection of recipes with over 18,000 step-by-step dishes available at the time of writing. Users can filter according to dietary requirements, calories, ingredients, and loads more. The app also comes with a handy meal planning tool that helps you stay in control of the food you and your family consume. 

Forks Plant-Based Recipes

More people worldwide are striving to eat less meat and add more plant-based foods into their diets. If you want your family to do the same, then download Forks Plant-Based Recipes to help win them over. With over 400 meals from 50 well-respected chefs, you won’t be short on plant-based ideas. The app is clean and easy to use, all recipes come with helpful step-by-step instructions, and you can explore a range of photos before deciding on the dish for your family. 


A popular recipe manager app used by millions at the moment, Paprika helps you save recipes you find online with ease. Almost like a diary full of your favorite dishes, Paprika helps you plan meals and save your favorite meals in the format of a menu. The app also comes in handy when it comes to scaling ingredients according to serving sizes, and you can set cooking timers and a whole lot more.

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