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Important Things to Know Before Power Washing Your Property

So you’re ready to give your property a good, thorough clean. You’ve decided to get it power washed to make sure no dust, dirt, or grime is left untouched. There’s plenty to get excited about getting your property power washed, of course. After all, there are plenty of benefits that you can derive from it. 

Among the biggest benefits of power washing your property is the deep clean it provides. Not only will your space or property look fresh and clean, but it’s also going to be rid of elements that may otherwise prove harmful or detrimental to your health. 

Dirt and dust that could trigger allergies, or even mold and mildew that could cause more serious respiratory conditions, are going to be removed. Therefore, your property is not only going to look good, it’s also going to feel good. 

That said, here are helpful tips to help you prepare for a power washing operation, once you’ve found the right answer for your “power washing near me” online search.

Power Washing Your Property

Identify Sections to be Cleaned

Ideally, you should leave the task to a pro, especially if you’re looking to power wash the entirety of your home. Know that there are certain materials that may be too fragile to be subjected to the strength of the power wash, and so must be avoided. 

A professional can help you determine which parts of your property are safe enough to be power washed. For example, older exterior paint will need a lot more care in handling with a power wash because it can easily peel off. It’s not impossible, but it will require technical skills and know-how to successfully preserve the paint while giving it the thorough clean it needs. 

The roof is also another section that can benefit from a good power wash. It’s out of sight, out of mind for the most part for the owners, which is why it tends to be too late by the time roofing damage is discovered. Power washing it, however, not only helps reveal these issues sooner but also helps prevent further damage. 

However, this benefit is also largely dependent on the roofing material as well. Take note that if you have asphalt for your roofing material, power washing might not be the best method of cleaning it as the force of the water will strip it of its granules, and so damage it.

Old materials, such as furniture, wood sections, deck, and patios, are also good candidates for a power wash. Consult with your service provider beforehand, so you can ensure that everything that needs to be cleaned can actually be cleaned with a power wash.

Consider the Size of the Area

The cost of the service will depend largely on the coverage of the cleaning area. You can therefore expect the rate to be higher the more space you need to get cleaned. This is also why it’s helpful for you to identify the spaces that you specifically want to be washed.  

Being able to identify these spaces can help you better prioritize which ones do need the treatment right then and there. It’s also possible that you split the schedule of the cleaning, to ease the potential burden of costs. 

If it’s a small enough area, though, it would be more cost-efficient for you to simply have it cleaned in one go, instead of splitting the cleaning schedule. 

What Types of Cleaners are Going to be Used?

This is especially important if you’re particular about using environment-friendly materials, or if you have sensitivities or allergies to certain ingredients. You can ask your service provider about the materials that they will use first, and then also inform them of the ones that you cannot be exposed to. 

Having this information makes it a lot safer for everyone involved, do make the disclosure as needed.