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Imagine with Barney DVD

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Come along for an imagination extravaganza! Join Barney and his friends as they use their imaginations to visit places near and far and explore their creativity through drawing, song and dance! The dinos explore a tropical island paradise when they bring a painting to life and go for a ride when they build their very own bus and airplane using imagination and teamwork! The dinos always know how to have a tee-rific time with creativity and good friends!

Episodes include:

·        “Imagine That!”

·        “Seeing”

·        “Let Your Creativity Fly!”

·        “Let’s Go For A Ride!”


·        Exclusive ALL-NEW game – Imagination Vacation

·        “If I Lived Under the Sea” karaoke music video

·        “I Hear Music Everywhere” music video

 My Thoughts: 

Zoey O has become a huge fan of Barney. She is my music and dance baby, so it doesn’t surprise me that she likes Barney. This DVD is perfect for any little one. It is full of dance, music, and imagination.If you want to encourage your little one to have a little fun and imagine this would be the perfect DVD for you!! 

Program Website: www.barney.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Barney

Twitter: @DinoMiteBarney

YouTube: www.youtube.com/HITBarney

4 thoughts on “Imagine with Barney DVD

  1. I get drawn in by Barney’s songs and love the lessons that are taught through the music. I think the show is entertaining as well as educational.

  2. I like that he teaches children to be respectful and imaginative in appropriate ways!

  3. I love Barney because the show is educational and my grandson has learned a lot from it. He also enjoys the music and dancing!

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