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IKEA- Help Others Kids Out While Providing Fun For Yours!

Nothing is better than buying a toy for my little one and it does some good for someone else at the same time! What am I talking about?


Ikea stuff animals are just as sturdy as their appliances!! They are just cuter! I received three different stuff animals. Leka Circkus plays music when you pull on the rabbit’s head.  Torva is a broccoli that is honestly as tall as Carly. It’s so cute watching her to try to carry the broccoli around. The last thing I got was Torva, a green rattle snack. It’s in a circle so it’s easy for the little ones to hold on to. All three of these stuff animals are soft, cute, and cuddly. I keep the rattle snake in my diaper bag for one she’s getting unhappy.


These stuff animals are great for all ages. They are well made, sturdy, soft, cute, and fun for the kids to play with. The great part is when you buy one for your little one IKEA will donate a $1 to help education other children. So why not give your little one a little fun and help another one at the same time? It’s a win-win situation.


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