Ignite LED Teeth Whitening System Kit
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Ignite LED Teeth Whitening System Kit

We all love having whiter teeth but sometimes this can cost you a fortune as you try to figure out what works for you. When I was able to try the Ignite LED Teeth Whitening System Kit. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

I was interested to see how well it really worked. So when you first get your package it comes in a neat little case that contains 1 ignite system, 2 Peroxide Whitening Gel Syringes, 1 pack of disposable mouthpiece covers, 18 brush ups, the batteries a teeth whitening chart and easy to follow instructions.

This kit is simply amazing and was absolutely easy to use. I was concerned at first that it would be hard to use, but the instructions are clear and very easy to follow. I was able to see an improvement after the first treatment which seriously only took 20 minutes. You can do 4 20 minute treatments in just one day, how awesome is that especially if you are getting ready to go out or something like that. Just make sure you only do this once a week, more than that is not necessary. Also gals make sure you don’t use this if you are pregnant or nursing and do not let your kids under 18 use this. If you want whiter teeth at home then I would highly suggest getting this kit and using it, it really is easy to use and it really does work very well.

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