I Can Do It Books
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I Can Do It Books

Do you have little ones who are just learning to draw and cut or want to help them learn? What about preschool and kindergarteners who love drawing and coloring or cutting out paper. If you have a little one in your house then you should really invest in these three awesome books.These books are I Can Do It books and they are totally awesome and so much fun for kids. The three books are I Can Do That! Stickers, I Can Do That! Erasable Art, and I Can Do That! Origami. Every single one of these books are so fun and the kids I have come to my house love playing with them. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

I Can Do That Stickers is a book that I actually got several copies to keep around my house because the little ones love them so much. With this book, kids use stickers to play games like matching and counting games, mazes, picture puzzles and more. This book is great for children ages 3 to 5 and helps them learn number sense and problem solving skills as well as other skills. You know what is even better, the 350 stickers included in this book are reusable. How awesome is that, your child can enjoy the activities in these books over and over again. I actually gifted a few of these to some of my friends who are preschool teachers to have in their classroom and they love them. All kids love playing with stickers and now they can enjoy playing with stickers while learning important skills.

How about coloring and drawing? All kids love to color and draw and with I Can Do That! Erasable Art your child can enjoy drawing and coloring over and over again. Once they are done you just take a paper towel and simply wipe the page clean. I got this for my nephew and he loves taking it with him wherever he goes. His Mom keeps one in the diaper bag and takes it with them when they have to run errands or go to appointments. It keeps him entertained and she can wipe it so he can enjoy using it over and over again. I have an older child who uses this book in the car just because she loves coloring different things to see what styles and designs she can come up with. This book is simply amazing.

Last but certainly not least is the I Can Do That Origami book. This book is recommended for children ages 3 and up that can follow simple directions. With this book your child can create some really cute and fun pages. Your child will do a little bit of cutting things out, and then fold the paper where instructed to create something fun. There are some really neat things like turning an elephant into a teapot or a car into a dessert. How about making a hippo roar. This encourages your child to work on their fine motor skills as well as learning to follow directions in a specific order. All three of these books are something I would highly recommend adding to your library for your little ones. These would also make great gifts for any holiday or birthday.

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