How To Write and Sell a Story
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How To Write and Sell a Story

You have a great story idea, and everyone says that you should write and sell it, but how do you do that? There are three basic steps you will need to take such as choosing the format for your story, writing the words down and selling the finished product to a publisher.

Choosing the Format

The first step is probably the most important one because this will tell you how to write the words and who to approach to sell your work, you must first choose a format. Formats or mediums includes novels, screenplays, poems and songs. Once you choose the format you can research how stories are written for that medium and even work with industry professionals such as Heather Parry to get it all done.

Writing the Words

Writing the words will look different based on the format for your story, but some of the best advice you can get in any case is that you must first put the words on the page. You can also research how stories are written in the medium you are going for, for instance, screenwriting will be formatted and edited in a different way than novels.

Selling the Story

When you are ready to sell your story, you will want to have a couple of things prepared to start making pitches such as an outline and synopsis to that the producer or editor will know what they are getting. It is good to have some legal paperwork done before making a pitch such as registering your ideas and consulting an attorney about your rights, especially if you are selling your life story.

Writing and selling your story can be a side project or a life’s ambition, but either way, there are three main steps that you should take to get it done. You should first choose what format or medium your story will be, then you should write it all down and then you should find someone to buy it. Each step will come with its own challenges and research, but it can be well worth the process.

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