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How to Write a Killer Research Paper Even If You Hate Writing

It might sound scary, but it is also hilarious. How do you get scared of something you have never experienced? 

But then, that’s probably why they call them phobias. 

Now, this is not to call “writing a research paper” a phobia, but it could be for many people (especially people who hate writing). 

Picking a topic, doing research (can research ever be fun?), gathering your content, and developing an answer to a problem, seem scary.

However, here is a quick fix. You can pay someone to write research paper for you if you can afford it. It doesn’t cost much, but it’s a school session, and there are probably more important things to pay for.

However, if you will not opt for that, then here are the steps to writing a killer research paper even though you hate writing:

Pick an interesting topic

Take your time and pick a theme that speaks to you. As long as you enjoy reading about that topic, you will enjoy learning more about it.

Develop a clear thesis statement

This is akin to creating the reason for something. What is the bane of your research? This statement describes it in a few words. Every strong thesis statement has three important characteristics: it is focused, takes a stand, and can be supported by research.

Do your research

This is probably something you cannot skip. It would be best to find out what has been said about your topic and how it supports/opposes it.

Create an outline

Now, you have to develop an outline. It comprises an introduction, body, and conclusion like a high school essay. With this, you can get into details. 

Your first (and second) draft 

This is writing down facts, figures, and ideas as they come, arranging them into an outline. It doesn’t have to be the best, so focus on getting down the meat of your paper. Nobody’s perfect, eh? 

Arrange your sources

You might not believe this, but you are 95% done once you get here. This is where you add your research sources to your paper as a separate section. This needs detailing, so be careful here.


See, you are good to go. Revise your work, confirm the format to use, and you are done for good. This should help you, and if it doesn’t, you may opt for the best cheap essay-writing service next time.

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